Kissable Lips


It’s never fun having dry, rough, cracked lips, especially while trying to rock a lipstick.  Just as our face and body, our lips also require to be exfoliated and hydrated. Applying chapstick or lip balm helps with temporary hydration, but if we do not exfoliate, the lip balm will never truly help nourish the lips.

My go to exfoliate is Tartes lip scrub Tarte lip scrub, but there are many other products out there. The lip scrub helps getting rid dead cells, revealing softer lips and also prepares lips for a smooth application of a lip balm and or lipstick.

As daily lip hydration, I always apply a layer of Nicole Guerriero’s Best Damn Beauty lip mask Lip maskand a thick layer at night for an intense lip treatment. The lip mask helps restore  lost hydration and nourishing lips.

After exfoliating and applying a lip balm/mask, our lips will be softer and smother. Applying any lipsticks will look amazing.

Hope you give it a try and if you use any of these products or recommend any I should try, please comment below.

Thank you