I have been in the skin care industry for close to seven years, so Botox comes natural to me. Hearing the word Botox can sometimes scare, or make someone uneasy. Of course the unknown will always have that effect on us. 

I have been getting Botox done since I started working at a Dermatology office in 2010. At the beginning, I would start off with a few units in my glabella ( The 11’s, or in between the eyebrows). I have always been a person that easily shows my emotions through frowing or raising my eyebrows. So, as you can imagine, I have really strong muscles there. Then, as the years went by and I became more familiar with the product and would get not only my glabella but also my forehead and bunny lines ( around my nose).  The fine lines around my eyes are beginning to show, so that would be next in line. 

Many thought I was insane for getting Botox, again since not many new the product, but also when I first began getting Botox I had just turned 21. Like I mentioned before, I have strong muscles that constantly get used,so ideally I wanted to have minimal movement. I also began to get Botox as a preventative. I did not want to get older and have permanent wrinkles that show even while I am not doing any movement. I know aging is the process of life and there really is not anything we can do to prevent that from happening, but we can slow it down. 

Botox is an amazing product that helps to temporarily reduce muscle movement, but it is also used to help with migraines and excess sweating (hyperhidrosis). 

The downfall to Botox will have to be the price. On average, I have noticed the price per unit is $12. Of course, their are always groupons available, but always do the research and make sure you have it done by a liscence Dermatologist or Physician Assistant.

Let me know if you have got it done before, want to get it done,or if you have any questions. 

Hope you enjoy. 


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