With “Cold weather” approaching Southern California, keeping our face and body hydrated can sometimes be a struggle. Skin dehydration can be caused by many factors other than the weather. It can be caused from lack of water intake, make up, incorrect product use, travel, etc.

The best time to moisturize the skin, in my experience, is right after the shower. When applied immediately after bathing, the product is able to trap some of the water still on your body and use it to hydrate your skin. MayoClinic

I prefer moisturizes that have ceramides and/or Hyaluronic acid, like CeraVe, that help as a barrier for the skin and can keep the skin hydrated longer. For my face, I love to use Neutrogena Hydro-Boost as my daily moisturizer. It has Hyaluronic acid that helps not only for dry skin, but long-term use can help with fine lines.

After a long vacation, whether from driving or flying, our face become really dry. The best thing I have done, other than applying moisturizer, is doing a hydrating mask. Hydration masks help re-nourish the skin in minutes.

Keeping our skin hydrated will keep our skin smooth, refreshed and have the glow we all want.


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