Writing with a pencil usually gives us comfort knowing we can erase mistakes. Wouldn’t it be great if we had the same idea for our skin?  Guess what, we do; Glycolic. 

Glycolic is an exfoliator, which helps get rid of the outer Layer of dead skin cells. Glycolic has been known to be used to help with age spots, wrinkles, acne-prone and blackhead-prone skin. It’s comes in many different way, cleansers, serums,moisturizers, and facial peels. Applying Glycolic, whether as a daily routine or once a month in a facial, we’ll also help penetrate any other products used in your skin care regimen.

When having a facial, it is commonly applied to the face to not only get rid a dead cells, but to also act as an aid in extracting blackheads. 

So if looking for a quick eraser friendly treatment for the skin, try Glycolic. One of my all time favorite product, which can be found online or in some dermatologist office, is glycolix pads. They are pads, with either 5 or 10% Glycolic and 2% salycylic acid, which helps with acne breakouts, and can be used daily up to twice a day. 

** Always remember to apply sunscreen when using Glycolic, as it makes your skin more susceptible to sunburns***


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