Who wants to get old? Really, that was a rhetorical question. No one wants to get old. The most noticeable aspect of getting old are wrinkles. There are treatments that can be done to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, but can add up and be really expensive. But there is one simple product that is not only affordable, but can help slow down wrinkles. One simple word, Retinoids. 

   Retinoids have been around for decades, but not many really understand or even know the benefits of a Retinol. I’ll keep this as sweet and simple as I can and give everyone the basic and most important factors of a Retinol. 

First and foremost, retinoids are most commonly prescribed by a dermatologist to treat inflammatory and/or comedone acne. Fortunately for everyone, there are drugstores that sale retinoids, the only difference is the strength.

As mentioned before, Retinols are most commonly used to treat acne, but have other indications which will definitely benefit everyone.

  • They boost many cell functions that tend to slow down at the age of 30. 
  • They get rid of all the dead cells
  • Reduces the number of severity to promote quick healing (acne).
  • Vitamin A derivative 

Basically, it helps slow down the wrinkles! 🙋🏽

    Retinols are safe to use long term, but unfortunately, cannot be used if trying to conceive, pregnant, or Breast feeding. 

    How to apply retinoids

    1. Apply a pea size amount to the entire clean face at night
    2. Let dry and be absorbed by the skin
    3. If needed, you may moisturizer the skin afterwords. 

    That’s it. Very simple. One very important fact one needs to remember when adding a retinol to their regimen is, retinols cause dryness, can irritate the skin at the beginning , and can cause some peeling. 

    If your skin is oily, you would love a retinol because it will help minimize the oils. But if you have dry skin, you want to start applying the retinol every other night and possibly mixing the product with moisturizer. Once your skin gets use to the product, you can change the regimen to every night. 
    * *some or most insurance don’t like covering retinols if you are over 25 years of age. One way to get around it, is for your doctor office to start a prior authorization with your insurance and try to get the medication approve, but of course their are no guarantees .  

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